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Jackson Farms

Summer is the heart of farming and farming is at the center of our existence. Without either of these things life would be nearly impossible. Today’s farmers are stewards of the earth. We are responsible for keeping the soil and water safe for our future generations. With farm ground disappearing at the rate of two Acres per minute of every day we need to produce more from less. It is a trend that may be impossible for the fields that produce our future to survive. Farming is facing many new challenges every day. Life in the fields provided what Pulitzer-Prize-winning author and agriculturist Louis Bromfield called “the only profession in which man deals constantly with all the laws of the universe and life.”

Jackson Family Farms

We are a true American family farm. The family has farmed in this area for four generations. My grandfather moved up to this area from southern Indiana where he was the son of a farmer. He worked as a farmhand at first. Later he started farming on his own. Valuable farming knowledge from each generation has been passed from father to son. Each generation has also added its own knowledge to the farming operation. We will always strive to be good stewards and enjoy the wonders of life that farming and family provides us.



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